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From Crest by foot

From www.varasc.it:

Posto a 2303 metri sopra il Monte Crest, il Ristoro Belvedere o Dortoir Belvedere è prossimo al Lago Contenery, in località Alpe Saler o Salere, semplice da raggiungere anche grazie alla nutrita segnaletica stradale.

Dal Monte Crest, vale a dire dalla stazione di arrivo delle funivie, occorrerà prendere la strada carrabile sterrata sulla sinistra: questa si abbandona subito deviando sulla destra, sempre su una strada sterrata, e salendo fino al Lago delle Rane lungo il sentiero 10A, che porta non solo al Belvedere ma addirittura al suggestivo Lago Ciarcerio. Dopo il Lago delle Rane si continua a salire per circa mezzora: il percorso è facile e piacevole, tra pascoli e radi boschetti molto panoramici sull’alta Ayas. Appena oltre al ristoro, sulla sinistra del lago, la carrabile prosegue con un’ampia ed evidente curva, scendendo di livello fino al acino più grande e allungato, spesso prosciugato d’estate, che contraddistingue la profonda conca tra l’altipiano del Contenery e la salita per il Ciarcerio.

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Quick Answers To Common Questions

Coming from Champoluc? We’re closer than you think!

How far is the Rifugio Belvedere from Champoluc?

Rifugio Belvedere is about 3 km from the Champoluc ski village.  However, it is also some 700 m higher in altitude.  From Champoluc by foot it takes about 1:30 minutes of uphill walking along well maintained trails and signaled and forest service roads (45 minutes to descend).

How do I arrive from Champoluc?

From Champoluc, there is a cable car that connects with the village of Crest.  Overnight guests at the Rifugio are entitled to a discounted lift ticket. From Crest you can either walk (in the summer), ski (in the winter) or ring us for a pick up by jeep or skidoo.

Please try to schedule your arrival at Crest with us beforehand. Every transfer must be booked with our staff. The transfers from Crest, by jeep or skidoo, are free of charge on the day of the arrival (within 18.00) and on the day of departure.

Where do I park my car during my stay?

Year round you can leave your car in Champoluc in the main parking lot near the MonteRosa Terme Spa/Pharmacy (1 minute walk from the stairs of the cable car).

However, during the summer, you must move your car from this parking lot every Thursday evening, as there is a Friday morning open air market in this parking lot. If you leave your car in the parking lot on Friday mornings in the summer, it will be removed by the police. It is not difficult to find alternative parking places in and around the village of Champoluc.

Can I bring my dog/cat/horse/donkey?

Cats, dogs and other domestic animals are welcome.  We are obliged to charge 20€ per animal per stay for the obligatory sanitation services we must perform after check-out.

We love animals, but we must provide a safe and peaceful environment for all of our guests. We ask pet owners to supervise their animals in order to avoid any damage to property or to other people. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals.  Dogs are to be kept on a leash and at peace with each other.

If you are trekking with horse or donkey, we have ample space for them to graze during the day/night.  Please contact us in advance.