"We eat healthy."

In Italy, Food Means Love

Our goal is to help you arrive at a total satisfaction with yourself and your environment. We show our love by offering the best organic and locally (Italian) sourced ingredients prepared with extreme care and expertise.

Chef-owner Angelo Doriani brings over forty years of experience and knowledge to the table every time you sit down. From the meats and sausages cured in house to the hand made desserts, everything you eat at Rifugio Belvedere is made in Rifugio Belvedere.

After all, we eat here too. And we eat healthy.

Taste the difference.

This is our culture, this is our philosophy.

Materia Prima

Materia prima means the best of local and fresh produce, meat, and fish.  Rifugio Belvedere prides itself on the excellence and diversity of its suppliers.  We eat what we prepare.  And we offer our patrons a superlative Italian culinary experience.

Made in Belvedere

Everything we offer is made from scratch.  Croissants and pastries at breakfast, handmade pastas and hamburgers at lunch, filet steaks aged and cured for 60 days: everything on our table was created at Rifugio Belvedere.

Seasonal and spontaneous

We create our menu based on availability, and we change it to taste… We love to eat fresh fish and crustaceans from Sicily, fresh sheep ricotta from Sardegna, and local grass-fed Valdostano cows.  Just not everyday.  We update our menu frequently and we take pride in our ability to stay fresh and offer a wide variety of “unforgettable” plates.

Wine, spirits, and craft beer

“We eat healthy” extends to our cellar, where we keep a discrete and tightly focused selection of superb Italian wines, hand crafted spirits, and craft beers.  We’d like to raise a glass to the good health of our guests… may there be something healthy in each glass we raise!

Custom menus

We are happy to prepare special meals or ‘Italian Classics’ by request, and we accomodate our guests with special dietary requirements.  We’ve even been known to send specialty birthday cakes down the mountain by ski.  Please contact us in advance for any special request from the kitchen.

Kids’ menus

We have kids and we know the routine!  Child specific menus and reduced portions are ready in an instant, to fill a crying stomach or help the adults relax at the dinner table.  We offer healthy and tasty meals that are enjoyable and easy for even the most picky eaters.